Yes, I told Morgan Webb to come out

Yeah, I'm the one who did it. I'm the one that gave Morgan Webb the piece of advice that changed her (and ultimately her girlfriend Blair Butler's) life. Sue me, it's legal here.

For those not in the know, here's the an excerpt from the NintendoLand Note (they're gonna change the name, I hear)...

...Morgan Webb, X-Play co-host and senior segment producer, openly admitted to being gay yesterday evening on an live edition of the popular game news and review show... when asked by co-host and friend Adam Sessler what gave her and [G4 contributor and girlfriend] Blair Butler the courage to "come out of the save room" (as Sessler put it), Webb replied "I've been talking a lot with an old friend...and he told me to just for it if I really believe in it. I'm really greatful to him, and I just want to thank you, Alex!

Yeah, the Alex she was talking about was little-ol-me. A little known fact is that Morgan is one of my most treasured friends, along with Adam. I met them both at a WWE life event a few years ago (they were there, I guess, to get some deets for SmackDown! v. RAW). They talked to me (everyone else refered them to me, you know I'm a gamer at heart), we started hanging out, and I actually dated Morgan for a few weeks (it ended perfectly fine, don't worry). We've been good friends ever since.

For those who are curious, Morgan first showed signs of her being a ladykiller a few months ago, it's a funny story, actually. We were all hanging out at one of our usual Melee sessions (Adam's Luigi kicks Ken's ass and you tourney-folk know it), and she started flirting with Sindel (I don't think Sindy ever caught on, but Pikachu did and made fun of her about it for a few hours). Anyway, I asked her about it, and she told me that she was gay. From then on we just talked a lot about her future and her options, and I told her to just go with it if it's what she wanted. The next day, she did it live on X-Play, along with Blair (I'm only friendly with her, never really got to talk, but I hear she's funny).

Well, I just want to say that I'm proud of you, Morgan, and I hope that you and Blair are happy together. Here's the best, from the first family of NintendoLand.

Gay (the happy way),



Cena, Mia, Sindel, and Pikachu Walk into a Bar...

(NOTE: This post is based off NintendoLand's original Pilot episode, simply entitled "Pilot.")

God, I have had a busy day...

You'd think that walking into a bar would make for an interesting story. And you would be right. But it's not interesting for the usual reasons (bar fight, random girl flashing her bosom, random girl making out with other random girl to general amusement, etc.); rather, it was interesting because of the complete randomness. Oh, and there was a fight, and girls attempted to make out with others, but that's not the point.

We all walked into a bar (don't even remember why), and Pikachu might have brought up that Mia and I had accidentally gotten drunk and got married by him. (It actually happened, I don't know how, it got annuled, don't worry.) Sindel asked us about it, and we told her it was nothing big, so she shouldn't worry. Mia, of course, blames Pikachu for getting us drunk.

Thus begining the battle.

They start shouting. Of course, Mia flings them across the room. Sindel then demands someone buy her a drink, which, of course, makes Mia want a drink, and if I know Mia when she's drunk (having been her designated driver since College), I know only one thing will happen. She will hit on anything (she actually hit on a plant once. Fr Srs). Tonight's subject of my misplaced jealousy: Sindel.

I know I shouldn't get jealous because my girlfriend was hitting on my female best friend, but Pikachu was egging me on. He was trying to get me to start something (for his own personal entertainment), and, of course, it created a bit of a scandal at the end. I got tired of Mia's constant jestures (yes, even of the sexual kind, which, by the way, would have been totally awesome, but wasn't awesome that night), so, I ended up shutting the whole thing down.

...I might have kissed Sindel in the process.

I know! I know kissing my best friend in front of my girlfriend was a bad move, but nothing sobers up Mariah Hansen like the sight (or even the fleeting thought) of me with another woman. So, obviously, she's pissed. And, in an almost cliché manner, Pikachu picks a fight with her. Shouting match in the middle of a bar. Fun.

This left Sindel and I with nothing to do. We were ignored....even if we tried to escape and failed miserably and were trapped in a tomb of ice. We weren't the only ones, as Mia froze Pika, too, then challenged him to a Smash match. At this point, I've gotten fucking tired. I invoked some dark voodood shit (see also dark magic and Mercury Psynergy) to get us back home and wipe Mia's mem-

...shit, this blogpost is incriminating...eh, not like she reads this, anyway. Whatever.

Sindy, totally sorry for messing things up with that kiss. Hope I can make it up to you! ^^;


My strange dream...

Dreams seem to be plaguing me lately, kind of Anakin Skywalker-like, only with less emo. First I dreamed that Pikachu actually kills Mia. Heh, like that'll happen.

Last night, I had an odd dream. I was a teenager again, and I was walking sitting in a movie theatre (a rather large one, at that), watching some random movie. There's some ruckus a few rows in front of me (something to do with those dreaded gangsters), so every one had to leave the area. Everyone there was asked to stay in a special room so that they could watch the movie afterwards. There, I met this pretty blond with glasses. We hit it off pretty well, then, because we got bored, we walked around the mall for a while as the ruckus was taking a while.

We later watched the movie together, and walked out of the mall together. We exchange numbers... As we left, though, we asked each other our names. She simply said, "I'll tell you later..." and then smooches me on the cheek. That's when I wake up.

Anyway, it's really odd that I dream this, especially since I'm now living with a blonde with glasses...after all, we are king and queen...

...nah, it's just my brain making things up again. Just like the Azumanga incident of 2005. Good times, good times.


Jumping on the Bandwagon...

So Queen Sindel and Pikachu decided to start blogs. Might as well, anyway.

I guess life in the castle's going fine. Not much has happened in the last year...well, I helped Morgan (yes, G4tv's Morgan Webb) come out. Yeah, she's into chicks. Her being a good friend of mine, she confided in me for a while, and I just told her that she should just do what she feels is right, and I suppose she came out. I'm happy for her, really.

In other news, the second set of UFS just came out, consisting of the Street Fighter set World Warriors and the Soulcalibur III set A Tale of Swords and Souls. It's a very good set that has a few gems like Ancient Insight and Float Like a Butterfly... . I really need to rebuild my Tira deck. The new Tiras aren't really that good.

Eh, I'm bored. I'm gonna go drag Sindel into a game of Me-

EDIT: Sorry. Mia kinda attacked me with smooches. ^.^*