My strange dream...

Dreams seem to be plaguing me lately, kind of Anakin Skywalker-like, only with less emo. First I dreamed that Pikachu actually kills Mia. Heh, like that'll happen.

Last night, I had an odd dream. I was a teenager again, and I was walking sitting in a movie theatre (a rather large one, at that), watching some random movie. There's some ruckus a few rows in front of me (something to do with those dreaded gangsters), so every one had to leave the area. Everyone there was asked to stay in a special room so that they could watch the movie afterwards. There, I met this pretty blond with glasses. We hit it off pretty well, then, because we got bored, we walked around the mall for a while as the ruckus was taking a while.

We later watched the movie together, and walked out of the mall together. We exchange numbers... As we left, though, we asked each other our names. She simply said, "I'll tell you later..." and then smooches me on the cheek. That's when I wake up.

Anyway, it's really odd that I dream this, especially since I'm now living with a blonde with glasses...after all, we are king and queen...

...nah, it's just my brain making things up again. Just like the Azumanga incident of 2005. Good times, good times.

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