Jumping on the Bandwagon...

So Queen Sindel and Pikachu decided to start blogs. Might as well, anyway.

I guess life in the castle's going fine. Not much has happened in the last year...well, I helped Morgan (yes, G4tv's Morgan Webb) come out. Yeah, she's into chicks. Her being a good friend of mine, she confided in me for a while, and I just told her that she should just do what she feels is right, and I suppose she came out. I'm happy for her, really.

In other news, the second set of UFS just came out, consisting of the Street Fighter set World Warriors and the Soulcalibur III set A Tale of Swords and Souls. It's a very good set that has a few gems like Ancient Insight and Float Like a Butterfly... . I really need to rebuild my Tira deck. The new Tiras aren't really that good.

Eh, I'm bored. I'm gonna go drag Sindel into a game of Me-

EDIT: Sorry. Mia kinda attacked me with smooches. ^.^*


Pikachu said...

Do you mind not telling us your personal life with Mia? I prefer keeping the dinner I ate in my stomach.


Sindy--Queen of NintendoLand said...

Pikachu, just 'cause you're never kissed doesn't mean nobody should...